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You can take the girl out of the Green Party but…


It is yet again time to ask “what the hell is wrong with Kyrsten Sinema?”

Ms. Sinema of Arizona has privately told colleagues she will not accept any corporate or income tax rate increases. But recent discussions by Senate Democrats about adding a carbon tax to the bill to both combat climate change and help replace that revenue have run up against concerns raised by three House Democrats from Texas. In a letter to Ms. Sinema and Ms. Manchin, they expressed their opposition to several provisions in the bill aimed at combating climate change, and also came out against increasing a minimum tax on overseas income from U.S. companies above where it was set in 2017.

Given the rules of reconciliation, this is just total opposition to anything passing, with her red line being very popular upper-class and corporate tax increases. The House wankers at least have asks that don’t inherently torpedo the whole bill. Maybe this is just a negotiating position but it doesn’t really make sense in those terms either. Even if you assume that she’s purely venal “making everyone in your caucus except one guy hate you” isn’t even helpful to your future career as a lobbyist, which depends on your ability to influence people. (Bayh and Lincoln voted for the ACA!)

And, to state the obvious, there’s no reason to put up with this during the next relevant cycle. Mark Kelly is a normal Democrat and he’s more popular than Sinema.

…as multiple commenters have observed, this Josh Marshall take is good. And as Unemployed Northeastern observes, Sinema is the Joe Lieberman of Ralph Naders.

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