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No true MAGA


This is an interesting story that, among other things, discusses the Trump administration with a typical lack of gratitude looking into assassinating Julian Assange. You might wonder how the libertarian SubStacker who is both a huge fan of Assange and someone who has spent five years asserting that Trump was the candidate dovish civil libertarians should support is coping with this. The answer is some truly hilarious shit:

On its face, this is incredibly dumb. The idea that Mike Pompeo — arguably the most loyal and representative Trump sycophant who isn’t a blood relation — isn’t really MAGA is amazing stuff. Nor is the idea that a whole bunch of anti-MAGA people are somehow ending up in Trump’s cabinet. But if you look at the article it’s not even true on its own terms, as the initiative was coming from Trump himself:

Hey, if you can pretend to convince yourself that Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson are “socialists” then arguing that Donald Trump isn’t MAGA shouldn’t be a challenge.

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