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I Sold My Soul to the Crypto Store


Amazon company towns are surely the solution to modern housing problems…..

The campaign against economic inequality has put a bullseye on cities. Local governments are encouraged to raise minimum wages, change their zoning laws and build more housing, particularly in affluent communities that are squeezing out the lower class.

But what if you shifted that focus to a different kind of community? Consider these burgeoning new places strung along the interstate and other highways leading away from urban cores, populated by warehouses and fulfillment centers that are being built to serve the needs of e-commerce customers. Let’s call them “factory towns.”

Oh, OK

Now consider Amazon’s announcement this week that it’s making another big hiring push at its fulfillment centers with jobs paying an average starting wage of $18 an hour — up 20% since 2018. Thinking about the growth of fulfillment and distribution centers in general, maybe these highway warehouse communities with jobs that pay increasingly respectable wages are what the future of the working class looks like. And doesn’t it make sense, then, to think about how we can make these communities better for the people who will live and work there?

Yes as a matter of fact, which means not allowing the company to control the town!

And hey, we all know damn well the company scrip is going to be crypto.

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