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Covid today, covid tomorrow, covid forever


The dire situation in Idaho is causing the state’s hospitals to request medical care from hospitals in Washington (which, while in much better shape, still has issues concentrated in the ungovernable MAGA regions.) Needless to say, Idaho’s rookie ball DeSantis is making is clear that he intends to free ride while doing nothing to mitigate the spread of the virus:

Surgeries to remove brain tumors have been postponed. Patients are backed up in the emergency room. Nurses are working brutal shifts. But at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Wash., the calls keep coming: Can Idaho send another patient across the border?

Washington State is reeling under its own surge of coronavirus cases. But in neighboring Idaho, 20 miles down Interstate 90 from Spokane, unchecked virus transmission has already pushed hospitals beyond their breaking point.

“As they’ve seen increasing Covid volumes, we’ve seen increasing calls for help from all over northern Idaho,” Dr. Daniel Getz, chief medical officer for Providence Sacred Heart, said in an interview. As he spoke, a medical helicopter descended with a new delivery.


But Washington is in better shape than Idaho, where hospitalizations as a share of the population are 45 percent higher.

“We certainly need our friends in Idaho government to do more to preserve their citizens’ health, because we know that their crisis is becoming our problem,” Washington’s Democratic governor, Jay Inslee, said last week. “I’m asking the people of Idaho to adopt some of the safety measures — like masking requirements — like we have in Washington so we can help both of our states reduce this horrible pandemic.”

In Idaho, Gov. Brad Little’s office said he was not available for an interview, but he has indicated in recent weeks that he has no plans to restore virus restrictions, even if hospitals entered dangerous territory, saying that he wanted residents “to choose to do the right thing and get vaccinated.” He issued a statement on Friday saying he was exploring legal action to halt new mandates from President Biden that will push millions of people to get vaccinated.

It’s just enormously difficult to solve collective problems in a decentralized state when one of the two major parties is a literal death cult.

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