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Tucker Carlson visits (the other) model for 21st century Republican leadership


I see Tucker has taken some time from his busy schedule of trying to get as many of his viewers as possible killed to go full tankie:

This week, Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary. In his broadcast on Monday, he praised the increasingly illiberal country for its success on the metrics Carlson cares about.

“If you care about Western civilization and democracy and families and the ferocious assault on all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions,” he teased, “you should know what is happening here right now.”

Later in the program, Carlson showed viewers the bullet holes pockmarking Hungary’s Supreme Court building.

“They are a reminder of how many times this country has been dominated by foreign powers,” he said. “A kind of living testament to the violence that has unfolded here and again to the foreign domination of this country, and it really affects the way Hungarians feel about themselves and their government.”

He has teased an interview with Orban set to air at some point this week. On Saturday, Carlson will speak at a far-right conference in the country.

The subtext of the Economist article was obviously that Orban was presenting a path for other authoritarians and that Trump, who was the president at the time, might follow along similarly. After all, the Republican Party has followed Fidesz’s path, according to the Varieties of Democracy Project — with data for the party’s anti-election surge in 2020 not yet included.

Orban has always been the most likely external model if Republicans succeed in strangling American democracy, which they very well might. The most influential person in the Republican propaganda network openly endorsing his soft fascism is another step down the path.

Of course, we try to be fair and balanced and present alternate perspectives around here, so:

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