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LGM Film Club, Part 197: Pick of the Pod


We haven’t watched any corporate propaganda in awhile. So let’s watch this piece of brilliance out of Del Monte’s canned pea industry, the 1939 film Pick of the Pod. Using color in 1939, pretty high end!

Of course, canned peas are not as good as fresh peas. These were claims made at the time as part of an attempt to convince people of the fact, even though they knew it wasn’t quite true. What canned vegetables did do though was save massive amounts of time in the kitchen, which is why they were adopted so readily to the point that by the 1960s, canned vegetables were the common way to consume them. As someone who doesn’t exactly find peas inedible, but would definitely consider them a less desired vegetable, canned definitely does not help. Frozen at least gives you something here. Of course, not everyone had freezers in 1939.

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