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The Florida “Dream”


The collapse of the condo in Florida feels to many like the first blow in the most unsustainable place in the country. I guess my bigger question here is the appeal of Florida. Like, you can’t be around native Rhode Islanders for more than about 5 minutes without hearing people talk about how they just got back from Florida, what they are doing in Florida, how badly they want to buy in Florida.

Florida to me seems like hell on earth. The beach does nothing for me and I happen to like seasons myself. Even if I wanted to snowbird when I get old, Arizona or New Mexico seems vastly more appealing, just for the outdoor options. But I am some sort of freak I guess compared to most people here. Between the humidity, the sinkholes, the right-wing Latin Americans, the climate change, Ron DeSantis and the people who vote for him, what exactly is the appeal of Florida? I guess it is that old people don’t care about the future and just want to be warm. Nonetheless, Bugs had the right idea. I don’t want condos to collapse, I mean that’s horrible. I also hope to never live in a condo on a Florida beach.

Unquestionably, a lot of commenters are going to find something of value in Florida. I’m just curious what it could possibly be.

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