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Pigs in spaaaaace

astronaut standing on gray sand
via Unsplash

Gentle readers, it is my painful duty to inform you that the unwashed masses who refuse to be suitably awestruck by the spectacle of obscenely rich dickheads getting themselves yeeted into space are making Rich Lowry vexed and ratty (NRO link).

Rarely has stunning human achievement been greeted with as much churlishness as when Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos managed to fly or launch themselves into space.

Nah, people are getting their churl on because they came back.

There may be all sorts of legitimate grounds for criticizing billionaires, but attaining suborbital flight under their own power doesn’t seem one of them.

Honestly, as much as I think billionaires shouldn’t exist, I would not have criticized either man if they had managed to flap or fart their way out of the atmosphere. Or even built their space yeet mechanisms. Or developed the technology required to yeet. But that’s not what happened. Not that it matters to Lowry, who can’t tell inventors and creators from people who have ideas. And money. Criticism of rich people who are going to make everything better forever, just you wait, is criticism of capitalism which is working out so well for everyone, and that’s basically communism and that’s deeply distressing to this boot leather connoisseur.

So please, don’t make fun of Bezos or Branson, unless you want to make Lowry mad.

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