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Murc’s law is a harsh mistress


At some point today, Canada — which has no domestic vaccine production, and which priortized getting people their first shots because of this — will pass the United States in the percentage of its population that is fully vaccinated, because its reactionary death cult is much smaller and less influential:

Relatedly, Michael Brendan Doherty has a National Review piece apologizing for mass vaccine reluctance (overwhelmingly correlated with support for Donald Trump) which is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever read:

The American people are unruly and in a sour mood about their authority figures. The 40 percent of people who reported their initial hesitance have barely budged so far — despite millions wasted on public education and ham-fisted attempts to prevent them from sharing their concerns and fears. If vaccine advocates really do want vaccination uptake to increase more than they want to feel superior, they have to change course.

While there are plenty of complaints about people like Anthony Fauci, you can probably guess who isn’t mentioned at all:

Of course suggesting that people like Tucker — people with an actual platform and actual influence among conservatives — stop lying to their viewers/supporters about the effectiveness of the vaccines for yocks would imply that Republicans have some kind of agency or moral responsibility, and down that road lies questions far too uncomfortable for the National Review. Ron Johnson is up for re-election in a swing state, after all, and he needs a safe space lest he be triggered by microaggressions like “maybe stop trying to get your supporters killed”:

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