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Just a few patriotic hijinks from Capitol tourists


I suppose if you’re a crypto-fascist with a taste for sado-masochism this is pretty hot:

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone described his experience on Jan. 6 and walked lawmakers through the violent footage captured on his bodycam that shows rioters attacking him.

Fanone explained how he assisted officers from within the US Capitol and attempted to hold the police line.

“Many of them had gas masks, and quite a few had shields which they had taken away from law enforcement officers. They were using them to beat us at the front line. The first thing I told them was, ‘Hey, man, we got to get these doors closed. We got injured officers in here.’ And that really seemed to miss those guys off,” Fanone said after a portion of his bodycam footage was shown during the hearing.

“They became incredibly violent and that’s when that surge that you watched in some of the video began, and you had a large group at the mouth of that tunnel entrance trying to push their way through the officers who were fighting to defend it. I believe had they done so or had they accomplished that, they would have trampled us to death,” he continued.

Fanone said that officers were able to eventually push the rioters out of the tunnel and were able to get outside, that’s when he was “pulled” off the police line and into the crowd.

“I just remember getting violently assaulted from every direction. And eventually found myself out probably about 250, maybe 300 feet away, from the mouth of the tunnel where the other officers were at,” Fanone said.

Fanone continued:

“I was trying to push guys off of me, create some space, all the while I recognized the fact that there were individuals that were trying to grab ahold of my gun. I remember one of them distinctly lunging at me time and time again trying to grab my gun. And I heard people in the crowd yelling ‘Get his gun ‘Kill him with his own gun’ and words to that effect. I thought about using my weapon. I believed that there were individuals in the crowd whose intentions were to kill me. And I came to that conclusion, because of the fact, that separated from these other officers, who were only trying to defend the Capitol, I no longer posed any type of threat, nor was I an impediment to them, you know, going inside of the building. But yet they tortured me. They beat me. I was struck with a taser device at the base of my skull numerous times. And they continued to do so, until I yelled out that I have kids. And I said, that hoping to appeal to some of those individual’s humanity and fortunately a few did step in and intervene on my behalf.”

“They did assist me back towards the mouth of the tunnel entrance and other officers were then able to rescue me and pull me back inside. But at that point, I was unconscious and based off the body worn camera footage, it’s believed that I was unconscious for approximately four minutes,” he said.

Who among the Greenwald/Taibbi/Tracey/Chapo gang will be first off the mark with the “so now ‘leftists’ are supposed to believe police testimony?'” response?*

*Note: Testimony describes events captured in real time by various recording devices from several different angles.

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