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DeSantis seeks to raise money off his own sociopathy


The important thing is that the libs have been owned, so time for another round of laudatory articles about DeSantis’s leadership!

OK, but hasn’t DeSantis’s opposition to COVID mitigation measures and undermining the vaccine been a huge success?

Florida’s COVID-19 weekly situation report out on Friday shows all the indicators of the virus are going in the wrong direction.

The number of new cases statewide — 23,697 — was nearly double that of the previous week. That’s the highest number of cases in one week since mid-May when the rate was dropping off the astronomical peaks hit in January. The 7.8% positivity rate of coronavirus tests in the week ending July 8 was also up significantly.

Well, that’s why pencils have erasers and why you can’t make an omelette without a bunch unnecessary illness and death.

…good visualization via Ninja0980 in comments:

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