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Who will speak for the white man?


I mean besides the entire current economic and political power structure of the United States?

Oh yeah, Andrew Sullivan:

I’m no expert but I believe there are quite a few white people in that photo. I think I even spotted a good old fashioned white man.

Also too, it might be worth noting that, in terms of seizing the Commanding Heights of the Power Elite, snagging an unpaid internship (ETA: commenter Dean says NPR interns get paid $15 an hour) at a non-profit is not exactly the same thing as, say, getting elected to the United States Congress:

Of course those are Republicans, who believe in Merit rather than Racial Quotas, which is why they’re almost all white men.

. . . “Thanks” to GoCart Mozart for pointing out that this isn’t even Sullivan’s most ridiculous outburst of racial paranoia today. And the day is still somewhat young.

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