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Cancel Culture Telephone


Boise State suspended a 55-section, 1,300 student class and the Idaho legislature passed an anti-“Critical Race Theory [sic]” law based on an uncorroborated claim from someone not in the class that a student was forced to apologize for being white and taunted by other students. A law firm investigated this, and in turns out nobody who was actually there could back up this (facially implausible) claim:

The law firm’s report was publicly released Monday.

“No students who participated in the investigation reported that they were ever forced to apologize for the color of their skin,” reads the report on the investigation, which was conducted by Hawley-Troxell, a Boise law firm. “Nor did any student report being personally singled out for their skin color or being subjected to taunts, name-calling, or other degrading behavior from an instructor or other students based on their skin color, beliefs or ideas.”

Wait, wait, it gets better — here’s the “community leader” who was the sole source for this:

The report notes that the firm eventually interviewed the complainant “after several failed attempts” and that this individual refused to provide additional details about what he had reported.

He “declined to describe in any detail what he has seen or heard from students other than that it was ‘really inappropriate,’” and “stated that he did not have possession of the video he had seen and declined to provide any information on how it could be obtained,” the report said.

Seems credible! But this lying asshole certainly served his purpose:

In early May, lawmakers cut Boise State’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1, by $1.5 million after many Republican lawmakers objected to what they called social justice programming in schools as well as to the university’s attempts to create a more ethnically diverse student body. On Thursday, Tromp announced that the university would be founding an Institute for Advancing American Values to explore controversial topics.

And his made-up story will continue to be recycled anecdotal “evidence” to justify further attacks on higher ed for years, like the Oberlin banh mi story. Anti-CANCEL CULTURE culture is a floating game of Human Centipede.

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