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Yalie hedge fund asshole attacks other rich people for insufficient racism

Above: why do I keep ending up at all these Masters of the Universe events?

J.D. Vance has de facto kicked off his Senate campaign with a mash note to Donald Trump in the Zombie legacy publication that published the argument about how Kamala Harris wasn’t an American citizen. Vance’s column definitely has the same energy:

After he won, I rethought my opposition. As I watched the constant stream of venom from Democratic Party “resisters” and their allies in the corporate media, it dawned on me that President Trump’s aggressive style was a feature, not a bug.

What separated Donald Trump from other Republicans in my lifetime wasn’t just his populist-inspired policy agenda—it was his fearlessness. When he nominated my friend (and my wife’s former boss) Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Left threw every reprehensible slander imaginable in Kavanaugh’s direction. I assumed Trump would fold and withdraw the nomination. But he didn’t. He stood his ground, and Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed successfully.

What really shows how great Donald Trump is was when he insisted on putting someone credibly accused of sexual assault on the Supreme Court. (Also remember that he was his wife’s former boss as the Peter Thiel lickspittle hilariously tries to pass himself off as working class.)

That’s a big part of why I backed President Trump’s re-election in 2020. There were many reasons I did so, but nothing stands out as much as a dinner I attended with my wife and the leaders of dozens of America’s wealthiest corporations.

One of the things I had no idea about, coming from a working-class background, is that America’s ruling class loves to celebrate how much power and money it has. I call these “masters of the universe” events, and they’re held all over the country in fancy hotels, ski lodges and beach resorts. On this particular evening, my wife and I found ourselves at a roundtable with the CEO of a large hotel chain on our left, and a large communications conglomerate on our right.

I don’t know what’s funnier, J.D. Vance pretending he didn’t know about “masters of the universe” events because of his “working class background,” or thinking the reader won’t understand why he attends such events routinely. Anyway, here’s a nice apocryphal anecdote:

The Republicans, we’re often told, are the party of the rich and famous. Yet nearly everyone assembled at this dinner simply loathed Donald Trump. He was the focus of nearly every conversation. And then the hotel CEO announced, “Trump has no idea how much his policies are hurting business. I mean, we can’t keep people for $18 an hour in our hotels. If we’re not paying $20, we’re understaffed. And it’s all because of Donald Trump’s immigration policies.”

Let’s pretend this conversation happened. How much does Donald Trump care about the wages of ordinary workers? Here he is on Joe Biden’s proposal for a $15 minimum wage:

Biden said he still supported the implementation of a $15 federal minimum wage, even as many small businesses are struggling during the pandemic. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25.

Trump said the issue should be decided by the states.

“He said we have to help our small businesses by raising the minimum wage — that’s not helping,” Trump said of Biden. “I think it should be a state option. Alabama is different than New York. New York is different from Vermont. Every state is different.”

I’m beginning to think Trump and Vance’s stance on immigration is not about improving wages for American workers! (Claims that immigration restrictions improve wages are also not very well-founded empirically; immigrants are, after all, consumers as well as workers.)

Things get more racist from there:

I’ve thought of this moment frequently, as our southern border has exploded into crisis. We’re a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, with tens of millions of people unemployed. Countless businesses have been destroyed. Despite the enormous challenges facing America’s working class, those same masters of the universe and the politicians they fund are still looking for the same thing: cheap foreign labor. No one seems to care that many migrants test positive for COVID every day and will directly compete with our struggling service sector workers.

Ah, the Greg Abbott two-step. J.D. Vance is a complete piece of shit and everyone who promoted his godawful book should be profoundly embarrassed.

Why are we promising amnesty for millions when we know the vicious transnational drug cartels use that promise to sell desperate people on the promise of crossing the border?

The answer is what I saw at that dinner: It’s about money. Nearly every major business and financial leader in this country is a supporter of the Democratic Party. 

The idea that corporate America and its leaders oppose Donald Trump and his (and Vance’s) agenda of corporate/upper class tax cuts and deregulation is hilariously false, as false as the idea that Vance is a working class whisperer rather than a cynical rich white guy exploiting racism to try to obtain more power and fame.

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