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The fake history of the filibuster


This is a point that can’t be made often enough:

Mitch McConnell will be hissing a lot about how modifying or eliminating the legislative filibuster would be violating the Sacred Norms of the Senate. This wouldn’t be a good reason to keep it — there was once a long unbroken body of precedent saying that bans on interracial marriage were constitutional — but the thing is that it’s bullshit. The de facto 60 vote requirement to pass bills is younger than Josh Allen:

Ultimately, the legislative filibuster combined with extreme polarization is not a stable equilibrium; the question of when it is ended like it was for judicial and executive appointments is a “when” not “if” question, and it would be infinitely preferable for Dems to do it now. I hope McConnell will overplay his hand and compel its dismantling now like he did in 2013.

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