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It doesn’t make a difference to me what a man does for a living


But your business is, ah, a little dangerous:

Loews Hotels announced Saturday that it won’t host a planned fundraiser next month for Sen. Josh Hawley at one of its Florida properties.

“We are horrified and opposed to the events at the Capitol and all who supported and incited the actions,” the company said in a statement posted to Twitter. “In light of those events and for the safety of our guests and team members, we have informed the host of the Feb. fundraiser that it will no longer be held at Loews Hotels.”

While the statement doesn’t mention the Missouri Republican by name, a political action committee affiliated with Hawley’s re-election, Fighting for Missouri PAC, was scheduled to hold a Valentine’s Day weekend fundraiser for the senator Feb. 12-15 at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Fla., near the Universal Orlando theme park.

“Please join Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) for a Fun-Filled-Family-Friendly Orlando Weekend Event,” a flier for the event read.

How is Josh Hawley handling the fact that he’s become, in the eyes of corporate America, the senatorial face of the insurrection?

Hawley blasted Loews’ decision in a statement, saying he wouldn’t “bow to left wing corporate pressure.”

“If these corporations don’t want conservatives to speak, they should just be honest about it,” Hawley said. “But to equate leading a debate on the floor of the Senate with inciting violence is a lie, and it’s dangerous.”

The phase “left-wing corporate pressure” captures, I think why this particular episode of Fascism For Dummies — although fascism by its very nature is always for dummies — isn’t working out so well for Hawley and the rest of the insurrectionists.

Again, almost the entire basis of criticisms of “political correctness” and “cancel culture” is that conservatives want to live a consequence-free existence, and therefore squeal like stuck pigs whenever they don’t get their way. In particular, free speech, for them, means they have the freedom for them to say whatever they want, while never suffering any adverse effects of any kind for saying those things.

Contemporary American conservatism takes the world view and emotional development of an overly indulged dull-normal child, and transmogrifies it into an ideology, with that ideology being, once you strip away all the pretentious citations to 4th century theologians and the like, reducible to the idea that conservatives are oppressed because they are (occasionally) held responsible for their words and actions.

The January 6th insurrection has made the preposterousness of that pose so self-evident that even corporate America, which normally doesn’t know or care what a paying customer does for a living, is deciding that what Hawley et. al. are hawking is ultimately bad for business.

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