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“has there ever been such a high ratio of ambition to accomplishment?”


You have to like how Yalie and Trump lickspittle Josh Hawley is such an obvious fraud George Freakin’ Will can see right through him even as clowns write puff pieces about him from the “left”:

So, allegations in sufficient quantity, although of uniformly risible quality, validate senatorial grandstanding that is designed to deepen today’s widespread delusions and resentments. While Hawley et al. were presenting their last-ditch devotion to President Trump as devotion to electoral integrity, Trump was heard on tape browbeating noncompliant Georgia election officials to “find” thousands of votes for him. Awkward.

Never mind. Hawley — has there ever been such a high ratio of ambition to accomplishment? — and Cruz have already nimbly begun to monetize their high-mindedness through fundraising appeals.

For many years, some people insisted that a vast conspiracy, not a lone gunman, masterminded the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy near the grassy knoll in Dallas’s Dealey Plaza. To these people, the complete absence of evidence proved the conspiracy’s sophistication. They were demented. Today’s senatorial Grassy Knollers — Hawley, with Cruz and others panting to catch up — are worse. They are cynical.

They know that every one of the almost 60 Trump challenges to the election has been rebuffed in state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court, involving more than 90 judges, nominated by presidents of both parties. But for scores of millions of mesmerized Trump Republicans, who think the absence of evidence is the most sinister evidence, this proves that the courts, too, are tentacles of the “deep state.” Hawley and Cruz, both of whom clerked for chief justices of the Supreme Court, hope to be wafted into the White House by gusts of such paranoia.

Cynical, and intelligence-insulting:

To believe there’s a shred of substance in Hawley’s ludicrously fake “populism” you either have to be incredibly dumb or as cynical as Hawley himself, and both would help. It will at least be a pleasure to see his attempts to slide on Trump’s trail of slime culminate in a presidential campaign that goes about as well as Scott Walker’s.

…the guy lies as shamelessly as Trump himself:

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