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Biden’s margin grows to nearly seven million votes


New York finally released results for more than one million more votes, nearly a month after Election Day (seriously wtf), and this kicked Biden’s margin in the national popular vote to just under seven million.

New York apparently still has several hundred thousand more votes to release, and given how strongly the absentee vote there has broken for Biden, his final margin seems likely to be well over seven million. Meanwhile Trump’s share of the national popular vote has fallen below 47%. and Biden is going to end up winning the national popular vote by at least 4.5%.

So Biden’s margin of victory, vote wise, is going to end up being the second-largest of the six presidential elections held so far in this century (don’t actshully me about when the 21st century started, I’m not in the mood), trailing only Obama’s first win.

This is all good, but basically no attention is getting paid to the fact that if you flipped less than 22,000 votes (out of 158 million cast nationally, i.e., about one out of every 7,200) in three states, the Electoral College would have been a tie, and then the House would have re-installed Trump as president, even though Biden got more than seven million more votes than Trump, while Democrats got 4.5 million more votes in House races last month than Republicans.

One rationalization I keep hearing from certain liberals about how all this really isn’t so bad is that the EC is naturally unstable, and that if and when Dems flip Texas and North Carolina a Democratic candidate may well win the EC while losing the popular vote by millions. Guess what: that would also be really bad, in terms of that whole “democracy” thing.

The good news is that a multi-million vote win in the popular vote twinned with a loss in the Electoral College will instantly be deemed a national crisis of the first order if it’s the Unofficial Party of White Supremacy and Theocracy Lite that’s getting the short end of the stick, as opposed to the Unofficial Party of People Who Aren’t Really Exactly Real Americans Somehow, and we might finally be able to do something about this mess, via some national popular vote compact or the like.

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