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America’s Dumbest Senator: Let Them Eat Shit


Ron Johnson has briefly climbed off his private jet to explain that the peons should get nothing to alleviate the immense damage a pandemic his party strongly favors letting rage out of control:

Sen. Ron Johnson is rolling out a bold platform as he weighs whether to run for reelection: He’s the guy who twice shut down $1,200 stimulus checks that would have gone to hundreds of thousands of his constituents.


The push for direct payments comes as Democratic and Republican leaders are racing to finalize a coronavirus relief package as well as avert a government shutdown. While there’s general agreement around providing about $600 in direct payments, Sanders and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) are pushing for more. Earlier Friday, Johnson also blocked a proposal from Hawley for about $1,200 in stimulus checks. The direct payments are a priority for the White House.

Johnson argued that the federal deficit was the reason he ran for office and suggested that the money in previous stimulus packages went unspent.

“When I first got here, I ran because we were mortgaging our kids’ future,” hen said. “I’m not heartless. I want to help people. I voted to help people. I voted for the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, but I also am concerned about our children’s future.”

Yeah, you can tell how deeply he cares about the deficit from how he voted for Trump’s debt-funded upper class/corporate tax cuts, and from how he voted for every one of Trump’s debt-funded expansions of military spending. A deep, deep concern for DEFICITS that is a longstanding tradition of Wisconsin Republicans.

Nor does this mean he’s not running for re-election — he was just as fanatically committed to upward wealth distribution when Wisconsinites voted for him the first two times, so why not.

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