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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Donald Trump


How pathetic are these people? This guy is the Lt. Governor of the nation’s second-largest state:

Meanwhile, the rag-tag assortment losers, cheaters, and six-time users in marching or loitering in DC today got a wave from their God-King as he was on his way to the barricades golf course.

POTUS emerged from the south portico at 10am wearing a red hat, blue jacket and blue trousers. He appeared to be holding a newspaper. He got inside the presidential limousine and the motorcade headed out to Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was greeted by applause, cheers, waving and whistles from hundreds of Trump supporters lining both sides of the street. They punched the air, took pictures with phones and held signs that included ‘Best prez ever’ and ‘Stop the steal’.

The crowd also waved flags including ‘Trump 2020: Keep America great’, ‘Trump 2020: No more bullshit’, ‘All aboard the Trump train!’, ‘Women for Trump’ and ‘Trump 2020: Pro life, pro God, pro gun’.

The motorcade passed the Willard Hotel and did a circuit of Freedom Plaza, where people had climbed on walls and other structures for a better view. Some ran excitedly after the motorcade. There were chants of “USA! USA!”, “We want Trump! We want Trump!” and “Four more years! Four more years!”

Many people wore red, white and blue flag patterns. One man had on a t-shirt that said: “I’m deplorable.” A stand had been set up to sell merchandise as if at a Trump rally. US park police were present. It was not possible to see how POTUS responded to the crowd. The motorcade is rolling on through Virginia.

One break we caught with this guy is that he’s incredibly — and I mean that literally — lazy. He’s supposedly fighting for his presidency, but he’s going golfing for the 286th time since he besmirched the oath office.

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