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Egregious lies and smears


When your election theft attempts lack any basis or subtlety whatsover and the media jumps ship:

President Trump broke a two-day silence with reporters to deliver a brief statement filled with egregious lies and smears about the election process as workers in a handful of states continue to tabulate vote tallies in the presidential race.

The president painted the election results so far as part of a broad conspiracy to deprive him of winning a second term by Democrats, election officials in various cities and the media.

“If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” Mr. Trump said shortly after he took the podium in the White House briefing room, a false statement that cast aspersion on the rest of the election. He offered no evidence.

He then listed a series of conspiracy theories about why ballots arrived late in places. And at the same time that he insisted Democrats were figuring out how many mail-in ballots they need in order to counteract his performance in various states, the president listed off a series of Republican wins on Tuesday. He appeared not to see the cognitive dissonance in saying that other Republicans won while he lost as he outlined a plot about others harming him, and left the room without taking reporters’ questions.

The three big broadcast networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — all cut away from President Trump’s appearance as the president’s false claims about the integrity of the election mounted.

It took a painfully long time to get here but the media is finally doing its job.

Part of the issue here is that Trump thinks his affect is “most alpha male who ever alpha maled” when his actual affect is “Shelley Levine trying to sell five units of Clear Meadows to Bruce and Harriet Nyborg.”

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