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The new tone


Scott noted below that various members of the media were wondering if Donald Trump could maintain the “new tone” he supposedly established in the debate last night — in which he unleashed his usual fire hose of lies while using less than totally deranged rhetoric — for the next 11 days.

About that:

As commenter Karen has been reminding us for the last few years, even Trump knows you can’t say “especially a black socialist president” or a “Jewish socialist president,” or maybe even a “Muslim socialist president.” But a female socialist president?

That’s fine, because his base (and not just his base of course) is even more fundamentally misogynist than it is racist.

Philadelphia Lawyer in comments:

I think “fundamental” is the right word. White men, in many, if not most, cases, really don’t have to deal with racial diversity all that much in their personal lives. They can have racial minority “work friends,” and yet, outside of work, in their homes, their extended family, their neighborhoods, where their children go to school, where they shop, their circle of closer friends, their church, and so on, they interact either solely with fellow white Christians, or with only the occasional POC (often in a subordinate position) or Jew or Muslim. That makes it “easy” to pay lip service to the “PC” demand that one “can’t say” the things that Karen has alluded to about racial and religious minorities. But white Christian men almost certainly do have dealings with women, not only at work, but in all or most of those other settings as well. Intimate settings, family settings. Girlfriends, wives, daughters, sisters, moms, other female relatives, the wives, sisters, daughters, etc of their male friends, etc. And so it is not so easy to be “PC” to them as it is to the POC work friend and the occasional POC at church, in the supermarket, etc.

A guy like, say, Chris Matthews, rich, white, male Christian, but not necessarily part of “Trump’s base,” can, without costing himself very much in terms of privilege, “side” with Obama over Hillary or Romney, and all the more so with, eg, Jackie Robinson over Dixie Walker, MLK over Bull Connors, or, if you want get right down to it, Jesse Owens and Marty Glickman (not to mention Anne Frank or Elie Wiesel) over Hitler. But, in his personal life (which is reflected in his professional life by how he treats female fellow journalists, female public officials, and other prominent women he comes into contact with), Matthews no doubt harbors some decidedly non “PC” views, and his privileges in those personal life contexts depend on those views not only being acceptable, but being correct.

Misogyny goes to the heart of the human experience (intimate relationships, family relationships, the “village” one lives in), whereas racism is really only “necessary” when the couple and the family and “the village” is not the only context one lives in. Most people, even prominent people, still actually live mostly in their couple relationship, their family, and their “village,” and, for most white Christian men, their couple, their family and their village is still exclusively all white and all Christian, or damn near so. When they deal outside the village, they can put on their PC-ness and not say the racist thing, but when they get home they still want to be the king of the castle, and the women folk had better treat them that way.

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