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Rod Dreher tosses his cookies

white round food on gray surface
Acceptable cookies.
Nica Cn – Unsplash

Sometimes I wonder what it like to live a life so free of real concerns or risks to myself or others, and to be such an enormous toolbox, that I sit around looking for things to get upset about and light on cookies as an OUTRAGE about which to be outraged.

But I’m not a professional white cishet “Conservative, Orthodox Christian, Southerner, Europhile, Ignatian (Reilly), eclecticist” (don’t call it identity politics) economically secure male, who gets paid to collect, nurture and share his hundreds of induced concerns about the Decay of Society, so I’ll never know. Thank God.

At any rate, here’s the cookie that has Rod pretending that there’s a state-owned cookie company that will force Revolutionary Cookies down his throat. BRACE YOURSELVES.

Oh no, not … COLORS

Yes, Rod sees a corporate decision to monetize apparent support for queer people and their hetero friends and family as a totalitarian act of revolution (???) because his movement demands that adherents be mad about something at all times.

But that something can’t be anything a normal person would get mad about. Normal people look at this and think “Where can I get some?” or perhaps “Yuck, Oreos.” They do not think totalitarianism or revolution because even if they are assholes, they aren’t assholes who have nothing better to do except Be Mad.

As an aside, I’m still torn by corporatized queerness. Yes, I know that this is driven by the desire to increase revenue and the production or sale of rainbow colored items is no guarantee that a company treats its own queer employees with respect. But, I’m old enough to remember the before times so I still think it is nifty.

Also, it makes dimwits like Rod beclown themselves, and that’s never a bad thing.

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