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I would do anything for Trump but I won’t do that


Brian Hagedorn decided to adopt John Roberts’s role as the Republican Judge With a Very Sporadic Conscience and provided the swing vote to deny the efforts of Howie Hawkins and his Republican lawyers to raftuck the presidential election:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Green Party presidential ticket is ineligible to appear on the state ballot, a relief for state and local election officials who feared an addition at this late date would upend election preparations.

The decision comes after the Wisconsin Elections Commission declined on Aug. 20 to put presidential contender Howie Hawkins and his Green Party running mate, Angela Walker, on the Nov. 3 ballot because their signature petitions featured two different addresses for Walker.

State election officials had argued that the campaign failed to fix the discrepancy according to state requirements.

A reversal of that decision would have triggered a scramble across the state among election officials, who would have had to order new ballots — and find the money to pay for them — while facing imminent state and federal deadlines to send them to voters.

In its 4-to-3 ruling, with one conservative, Brian Hagedorn, voting with the majority, the court said that upending the election was one reason it denied the Green Party’s appeal.

“Even if we would ultimately determine that the petitioners’ claims are meritorious, given their delay in asserting their rights, we would be unable to provide meaningful relief without completely upsetting the election,” the opinion states.

Also critical is that the court told clerks they could start sending out ballots, so between that and the emphasis on the chaos that would be created by a last-minute change it’s pretty clear that Kanye’s even more directly Republican-affiliated ratfucking operation isn’t going to win its suit either. Good.

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