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The Murdoch administration


In another superfluous shot into parody’s corpse, Lou Dobbs is the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security:

President Donald Trump told officials from the Department of Homeland Security to get their marching orders by listening to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs “every night,” former DHS chief of staff Miles Taylor told Anderson Cooper on Friday.

Dobbs, an effusive supporter of Trump, was basically the “shadow chief of staff” for the department, Taylor said in the CNN interview.

“The president would call us and … he would say, ‘Why the hell didn’t you watch Lou Dobbs last night? You need to listen to Lou. What Lou says is what I want to do,’” Taylor said.

“So if Lou Dobbs peddled a conspiracy theory on late-night television or made an erroneous claim about what should be done … at the border … the president wanted us to be tuning in every night,” he added.

Admittedly, as anyone familiar with, say, the last years of Antonin Scalia’s jurisprudence is aware, Fox News personalities, winger talk radio hosts, and Republican elites have pretty much become one seamless web anyway.

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