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Medicare For All is not a morality car wash


Unrepentant sex pest Aaron Coleman has both left the race and fully vindicated his critics:

In case you’re wondering what this means:

Right, feminism has no chance if it expects people to live up to completely impossible standards like “don’t harass girls to kill themselves or blackmail them with child porn or run for office if you’ve recently done these things and have done nothing to make amends.” It’s pretty clear that he still doesn’t think the horrible things he did were all that bad, and his support for “feminism” seems to extend only insofar as it doesn’t affect his ability to do whatever he feels like doing at any given time.

It is, of course, possible for people who who do very bad things to be rehabilitated. Coleman should be given the opportunity to do so. But that’s very different than saying that he’s entitled to a position of public trust five years after doing extremely bad things he continues to trivialize just because he’s expressed pro forma support for some attractive policies he would have no ability to materially advance as a minority backbencher in a state legislature in any case. It undermines the case for universal healthcare to allow it to be used as a get-out-of-accountability-free card.

…it’s grimly hilarious that one the dudes defending Coleman was Branko “Kirsten Gillibrand’s college internships are disqualifying” Marcetic:

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