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Ralph Nader, Reply Guy

[Thanks to @Ragnarogatory for the image]


Since AOC has unlike Ralph Nader actually successfully pushed the Democratic Party to the left AND has never run a ratfucking vanity campaign that led directly to a senseless war that left hundreds of thousands of people dead, I hope she continues to not respond to his texts.

As I’ve said before, while people who were conned by him in 2000 and/or still believe that consumer wank voting can accomplish anything positive have tried to convince themselves that Nader is some kind of uncompromising lefty, this couldn’t be further from the truth. His politics are completely standard issue 60s liberal technocrat; when he argued that America needs a centrist billionaire daddy this was perfectly consistent with his longstanding worldview. What’s distinctive about Ralph Nader’s politics is his unshaking beliefs that 1)Ralph Nader personally deserves vastly greater influence and 2)we must get the politics out of politics. That’s it. AOC will be a force for good because she cares about things other than her own ego.

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