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The Logical Conclusion of Naderism


The former perennial vanity candidate who threw the 2000 election to George W. Bush in exchange for no benefits whatsoever has some thoughts about our current political moment:

Political activist and Green Party presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, who is known for being tough on Democrats tells Ari Melber it would be good for Mike Bloomberg to run against Trump as a Democrat in 2020, saying “Wall Street is his weakness” but that “he could shake up the Democratic Party”.

You might find it odd that ol’ “Gonadal Politics” would endorse the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” darling of the Davos set but in fact it makes perfect sense. I’ve said this before, but one of the hilarious things about attempts to defend Nader’s election-throwing attempts through a “Left” vs. “liberal” frame is that Nader has never been a member of the “Left” in his life; he’s a completely standard-issue sixties liberal technocrat. But, ultimately, Nader’s campaigns had two themes: “Ralph Nader should be in charge of everything and Democrats should be punished because they don’t listen enough to Ralph Nader,” and “we need to get the politics out of politics.” In addition to being immoral, Nader’s 2000 campaign was utterly vacuous, just an endless succession of buzzwords and non-sequiturs. Which in a sense was brilliant; the perfect candidate for the consumer-wank voter who thinks you should be able to order national candidates to your precise specifications like a designer suit and is in a position to happily ignore the material effects of election results is a tabula rasa you can project any priority you want onto. So his support for Bloomberg is the logical conclusion to his disgraceful last decades of political life. The idea that SHAKING UP THE DEMOCRAT PARTY is a substitute for a coherent program or theory of political change is what Nader the candidate has always stood for.

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