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Racism, Dishonesty, and Cato: A Recipe from Hades


Today is the 78th anniversary of the Bracero Program. I did my usual tweet storm of the labor history posts. Some asshole from CATO has thoughts.

There is so much ridiculousness in one tweet. It’s really quite impressive. Note the actual fact of being deeply racist while pretending that he cares about free migration. He only cares free migration to the extent that we can increase the number of laborers to the point that none of them are paid anything ever. Like any CATO hack, he would oppose any and all labor legislation.

And then there’s the laughable canard that “the left” shut down the Bracero Program. Is the left here supposed to the Johnson administration or the Camacho administration in Mexico, who agreed to end this and institute the Border Industrialization Program as a replacement? Or maybe CATO is full of idiots. And the left also seems to have launched 4 decades of “illegal immigration,” which is interesting because I didn’t know it was the left who drove Mexicans off their land through NAFTA and were the employers in the construction and restaurant and agricultural industries that attracted these laborers? So much you can learn if you don’t care about truth!

Also, all the American flags in this guy’s Twitter profile are really stupid. Maybe he forgets what country he is in, which is the only rational reason I can figure out why anyone would display the flag.

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