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MLB testing regime already failing


Apparently MLB owners were too busy with such top priorities as “making the same offer players rejected last week in different font this time” to actually install a competent testing regime:

Testing problems?

While three of the four teams in the American League West — the Oakland A’s, Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels — along with the Washington Nationals are experiencing issues with the COVID-19 testing protocols put into place by Major League Baseball and agreed upon the MLB Players’ Association, the Mariners have yet to deal with such difficulties and went through their two scheduled group workouts Monday at T-Mobile Park.

Per reports out of the Bay Area, the A’s experienced delays in getting the players’ saliva samples to the testing facility in Salt Lake City. The tests that were taken going into the weekend were sitting in San Francisco awaiting to be shipped. MLB’s reported reason for the delay was the Fourth of July holiday and FedEx employees having that day off. Because of the delays, the A’s have been unable to hold workouts because their positions players have yet to be cleared.

In Houston, a city that’s become a hot spot for positive tests in recent weeks, the Astros canceled workouts Monday at Minute Maid Park. Astros general manager James Click released a statement, citing the delay in receiving their most recent round of test results from MLB as the reason.

“Due to the delay in receiving these results, coupled with the contagious nature of the virus, we felt it was prudent to cancel today’s workouts. Players and staff continue to participate fully in the screening and testing protocols while we await these results. Despite these delays over the holiday weekend, we’re optimistic that this process will be ironed out and we’ll be back on the field and ready to compete for a championship soon.”

Astros players confirmed to the Houston Chronicle that the test-sample collectors contracted by MLB didn’t show up for work Saturday or Sunday, likely due to the Fourth of July holiday.

In Los Angeles, another hot spot, sample collectors did not show up Saturday or Sunday. The Angels’ medical staff instead administered the tests and sent the samples to Utah.

The NHL at least has a chance because it can hold its playoff in a country not being governed by a sociopathic reality show host and his state-level clones. But I still think the odds are against any of MLB, the NBA or the NFL having a season/playoff as the case may be in 2020. But given the quality of its current leadership and the majority of American states having basically given up, the situation with MLB is especially dire.

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