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Little Trump, big pandemic


Just tremendous work by Ron DeSantis here:

Florida reported 11,458 new coronavirus cases on Independence Day, shattering its record for daily reported cases in the state since the pandemic began.

The positivity rate for new cases was 14%, slightly lower than the highest reported rate during the past two weeks. That came June 23, when 16% of new cases tested positive.

The single-day record for new cases was last broken on Thursday with over 10,000 testing positive. To date, the state health department has reported a total of 190,052 cases.

Thursday and Saturday’s record-breaking reports are followed by June 27′s report with 9,585 cases, Friday’s report of 9,488 cases, and 8,942 cases posted on June 26, according to the department’s data.

But, look, it’s not his fault:

Just hours after the state recorded a record of 10,109 cases, the governor said the state is “in a much better place to deal with” the surge in coronavirus numbers.

“I don’t think anyone predicted a Sun Belt resurgence in mid-June, but we had the infrastructure in place,” DeSantis said.

But officials across the state are concerned the spike in cases will overwhelm hospitals.

Yeah, who could have anticipated that once all limitations were lifted some people in Florida in June would prefer air-conditioned bars to hanging around for the 90-degree-with-175%-humidity weather? Truly a victim of unforeseeable circumstances! Ah, life under a nihilistic death cult.

At least DeSantis should be safe from this.

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