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LGM Film Club, Part 37: Men and Iron


Wow, yet another film about work. Shocking I know. This is part of a 1978 BBC series looking at a week in the life of various groups of people in the nation. This is from steel workers in a Scottish iron factory. I understand more Spanish than I do the accents of these guys, but the narration helps.

Even with not being able to understand a lot of these guys, this is a pretty worthy film. First, the working conditions are shocking. I mean there are basically no safety equipment or precautions in this mill. In 1978 Britain! This mill also looks extraordinarily old and inefficient. At the end, the narrator notes that in the year between when this was filmed and when it appeared on television that there had been some improvements. OK, but one can see how South Korea or China could built giant mills that just blew these old factories out of the market. The male culture of these workers is also of sociological interest, even if subtitles would be helpful.

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