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Why won’t people wear masks?


I think this is why Trump won’t wear one. The wrong people (the press) have noticed that he doesn’t wear one, and that he is modeling irresponsible behavior. He CAN’T wear one now. He’s fallen be-diapered ass-backwards into a Mexican stand-off and culture war.

There are many articles musing as to why a small minority of MAGA’s won’t wear them:

  • It robs them of their individuality and makes them itchy to rebel.
  • It is not masculine.
  • It’s just a culture war thing–people noticed that libs by and large were trying to contain the virus and it immediately became politicized.

I would argue that while all of these may play some part in why a few weirdos won’t wear the mask, but really I think this comes down the symbolism of mask-wearing. It’s a constant, physical manifestation of Trump’s failure. (So, yes, more culture war.)

We live in a malignantly stupid time.

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