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How hard it is for meaner men without the lead to sell it


Like so many authoritarian bullies, Bob Kroll is a cowering chickenshit when he doesn’t have overwhelming power on his side:

Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis police union, has not responded to multiple requests for comment but said in a letter to union members Monday that the officers were terminated “without due process.”

A Washington Post reporter who knocked on Kroll’s door was soon pulled over by a police officer who said that Kroll had reported suspicious activity on his front porch and that “he doesn’t want any press.”

Refusing to face the public and then threatening a reporter for doing their job seems to effectively exemplify the Bob Kroll Experience. As for his “due process” complaints, I’m considerably more concerned about the lack of due process offered to the man his stormtroopers summarily (and smarmily) executed for allegedly passing on a counterfeit $20 bill myself.

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