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The Cenk Cost Fallacy [update]


It seems that at least once an election cycle The Discourse is enlivened by allegedly left-leaning sadists who think the old Fuck the South essay is a policy blueprint and people who aren’t sadists have to stop what they’re doing to explain why this is an unusually fuckwitted idea. Last night on Twitter, a fauxgressive, union-busting media mogul and hilariously failed politician regurgitated the idea of Blue on Red Revenge.

If we had a Democrat with balls when we take over, they’d cut off funding to red states & make them beg for their handout. Almost all of them are welfare queens who live off the blue states. Republican run states are on average miserable failures who take more from federal govt.

The use of Reagan’s racist propaganda makes it EXTRA progressive, apparently.

But I think it is funny that people like Uygur talk about having balls when they are so very shy about saying what they really want.

Saying that Democrats should cut off federal funding to “red states” or “Republican run states” (however that is defined) is meaningless. Geopolitical constructs can’t give a shit. Of course, Uygur may not be aware of this. He seemed to think CA25 would be impressed by the number of views TYT receives in a month and we all know how that worked out for him.

At any rate, if he wants millions of predominantly white middle and lower class people to suffer because their politics suck, he should say that. If he thinks the millions of people whose politics don’t suck should suffer because they happen to live in a red state, say that.

In Uygur’s case the call for revenge is particularly skittish because it is a direct response to a comment from the DOPUS, who echoed McConnell’s suggestion that Blue states be denied federal assistance during the public health emergency.

A question a semi-politically savvy or even semi-sentient being might ask themselves is how in the name of the sacred underpants gnome will the rich, or at least creatively indebted white dudes with the power to implement the idea be harmed by the cunning plan to cut federal funding to red states?

Step 1: Make ordinary people poorer/hungrier/sicker.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Still ??? because we’re not dealing with tactical geniuses.

It doesn’t make sense as a goal. It does make sense as another outburst from yet another main whose brain has been warped by the worship of brute force, but there’s enough of that shit floating around. If people like Uygur can’t be quiet, they should at least strive for originality.

Update: Commentarian J- shared the next inevitable stage in this tedious cycle. In response to someone who pointed out that the term welfare queen is racist, Uygur burps up the hocciest of post hoc justifications for being a shit:

I can’t believe people don’t understand what I’m doing here. I’m flipping their own hateful rhetoric against them. If you can’t stand that, then we’re never going to agree on strategy & you’re never going to effectively punch back against @GOP. Being above the fray doesn’t work! https://twitter.com/LetaOrtizVega/status/1257856268204638208 …

Because the only way to punch back against bigots is by using terms that insult the victims of bigotry and anyone who complains about bigotry isn’t tough enough to fight bigots. With bigotry. Which is the only way to do it. Uygur is the real hero here, we should thank him!

If this defense sounds familiar it’s because it has been invoked by every lefty hambrain who has ever been instructed to fornicate a meat grinder after they made transphobic comments about Ann Coulter or misogynist comments about Sarah Palin or called a Republican man gay, or whatever testosterone-fueled insult glorped to the top of their tiny minds based on the target of their ire.

It is my opinion that marginalized people should not have to keep asking people who profess to be on their side to refrain from using bigoted language, and the response to their complaints should not be “I’m just trying to help.” Unfortunately when someone like Uygur, a person who has an entire media outlet to broadcast his views, does it the hambrains will take it as a sign that it is OK. And the cycle will begin again.

BTW: Whining about your lefty cred? Also part of the cycle. The fact this jackass has shown himself to be fully on board with attacks on unionization – a common problem in red states – just makes it that much funnier. Also worse. But in a funny way.

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