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The Outflanking IV: Tired of all the outflankening


Donald the Economic Populist Dove is proposing some more socialisms:

Despite the early struggles in getting the stimulus program launched, the Trump administration has begun deliberations on an additional giant aid package. White House officials have in recent days discussed pitching a payroll-tax cut, a capital-gains tax cut, creating 50-year Treasury bonds to lock in low interest rates, and a waiver that would clear businesses of liability from employees who contract the coronavirus on the job, according to two people with knowledge of internal White House deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly.

I’m sure Comrades Romney and Cotton will persuade Trump to replace the capital-gains tax cut and the immunization of companies who force their employees to come to work and get sick with Medicare For All and a $25 minimum wage to OUTFLANK the Dems from the left!

Definitely make sure to click through and read about how in addition to their awful policy proposals the Trump administration is massively fucking up pretty much every element of implementing the relief bill. I personally think the contradictions have been heightened more than enough.

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