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Republicans are going to openly try to steal the 2020 elections


Credit where credit is due, this is an appropriately tough and very fair story about the Republican vote suppression the Supreme Court just gave the Matador’s cape to:

The push to limit voting options is in keeping with Republicans’ decades-running campaign to impose restrictions that disproportionately affect people of color, the poor, and younger voters, under the banner of combating voter fraud — which is exceedingly rare. Democrats have more core constituencies among the nation’s disenfranchised, and both parties have long believed that easier voting measures will benefit Democrats.

But the current public health crisis brings new urgency to the battle, as Democrats and some Republican state officials turn to expanded voting by mail as an important way to avoid the serious health hazard of crowded polling stations amid a pandemic.


Advisers to Mr. Trump say that he has been set off by Democratic efforts, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to include more aggressive efforts to promote absentee voting in a version of the coronavirus relief legislative package, which the Republican National Committee has equated with a “one-size-fits-all” approach that infringed upon states’ rights.

“States should maintain primary responsibility for their voting laws, making changes where necessary and utilizing flexibility within their existing laws,” said Justin Clark, the senior counsel to the Trump campaign.

Perhaps wary of the politics of taking an absolutist position amid the pandemic, and aware that absentee ballots can also be a preferred form of voting for some of Mr. Trump’s supporters, advisers to the president said that he would adapt his position in the coming days — like his nod to older voters on Wednesday — to acknowledge that absentee voting is acceptable, but that it must conform to the laws passed by specific states.

In practice in Wisconsin, Mr. Trump’s position led to a clear, partisan advantage for the state Republicans, who had appeared to brazenly trade public health for the political gain of lower turnout in Democratic bastions like Milwaukee.

One of the top core commitments of the Republican Party is support for a state’s “right” to disenfranchise poor and African-American voters, and they’re no longer even hiding it because Trump. I mean:

John Roberts’s job in October and November will be to present those sentiments in something bearing some vague resemblance to legal reasoning.

Phillip is not exaggerating here. Wisconsin is quite simply not a democratic government at this point:

Emma Roller has more.

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