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Open Thread Odds and Ends


A couple of movie notes: I watched “mother!” recently. Didn’t have a clue what was going on, but found it interesting nonetheless. When the movie ended, I assumed I had just watched an allegory about the nature of May-December marriages (with other, huge issues at play), but I did some research and it turns out it was just a Bible story, so any interest I might’ve had in the film just skeetered on out of me. So big thumbs down from me. Aronofsky never should have clarified his intent, honestly.

“The Invisible Man,” on the other hand, was one of the best horror-thrillers I have seen in years. It’s right up there with “Get Out.” It was creepy, poignant, frustrating and even unexpectedly funny. You’ll think you know where the film is going, but you’ll be wrong. Enjoy Elizabeth Moss’ incredible performance along with a couple of neck-snapping twists.

“Safe at Home”

This is an open thread.

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