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If Only We Could Choose Who the 2% Would Be


Rick Santelli, a decade off of leading off the corporate-racist freakout against Obama that created the Tea Party, is back wishing 2% of the world would die of coronavirus so that the markets would just keep going up, no doubt to 36,000.

I can think of at least one person who I’d like to see get started on this death wave.

Speaking of the 2%, in related news, can we talk about Megan McArdle for a minute? I love Megan. She’s the perfect commenter for the New Gilded Age: stupid, wealthy, and doesn’t apologize for either. Andrew Carnegie and Leland Stanford and J.P. Morgan are nodding from Hell. Because she’s wealthy, she should be listened to and what prole has the right to question that? So she just says the rich quiet part loud. Her own take on what really matters with coronavirus is the most telling thing since her blender.

Won’t someone think of the uber-wealthy with big time frequent flyer accounts? Let’s just hope that these people don’t end up as part of the dead 2%!

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