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Rick Santelli, a decade off of leading off the corporate-racist freakout against Obama that created the Tea Party, is back wishing 2% of the world would die of coronavirus so that the markets would just keep going up, no doubt to 36,000. Rick Santelli on @CNBC just made the argument that we’d be better off […]


On September 17, 2013

Megan McArdle gives some really useful advice to young people who find themselves out of work. Among that advice is take jobs for free, don’t complain about the current economic climate and your

McArdle outdoes herself in a column entitled (and I swear this is not a parody unless someone hacked the Atlantic site) “Are the Rich Completely Undeserving of Sympathy?” Um, yes. McArdle speaks for those silenced by the leftist conspiracy–rich people with declining Wall Street bonuses who might have to move out of their 5 million […]
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