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It’s Been Awhile


It’s been awhile since I shared my art with you all.

As always I’m careening between loving what I do and looking at the things other people do and wondering if I’m a fraud. Mostly it’s been Fraud Town lately. I found a cure for Fraud Town visits is seeing my art through other people’s eyes. I stare at my stuff for hours at a time because I have to, and sometimes that intimacy with my art turns to hate.

Recently a little girl toured my gallery and when I saw it through her eyes it did wonders for my mood.

I realize you all aren’t 4-year-olds (get off this blog this instant, if you are!). But I wanted to share some of my most recent pieces with “fresh eyes,” so to speak.

The Dragon in Me
The Blood Leaves
Welcome Diversion
Given Over
I Feel Small
Sing it Out

My e-book debuts soon, one of my pieces will be featured in the sequel to “The Pinup Project” by Graffito Books, and, as some of you know, I recently had my first meat space showing in Grand Forks, ND. One of my pieces was also acquired by a serious collector in the area and is currently on display as part of an “Art of Wellness” exhibit.

As always you can find most of my pieces at my official website.

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