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I can’t believe we’re losing to this guy

Heckuva job!

While this was happening, alas this was also happening:

Biden’s own performance at the debate was among his worst yet. There seemed to be a vacuum behind his mouth that sucked the energy out of the hall every time it opened. Each sentence was a journey, and most did not end at their intended destination. But he made it through without producing any incriminating sound bite, or taking any viral blows. Shortly thereafter, Warren’s Twitter mentions became infested with snakes, and CNN broadcast the Massachusetts senator and Sanders calling each other liars on national television.

Meanwhile, a Monmouth University poll found Biden leading the field in Iowa by six points — an advantage large enough to make him the Democratic front-runner in that state, according to RealClearPolitics’ poll of polls, for the first time in months.

To top it all off, Biden secured the pseudo-endorsement of the most popular man in the Democratic Party. No, Barack Obama has not expressed a public preference for his former wingman to win the primary. But many Iowa voters will soon believe that he has. In a new ad, the Biden campaign intersperses clips from Obama’s January 2017 speech presenting his vice-president with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with images of the candidate, in a manner that makes Obama’s words sound like an endorsement. According to Politico, Obama “was made aware of the ad beforehand” and raised no objections.

Great. I’m sure a couple more days tweeting snake emojis at Elizabeth Warren will totally start clearing the field for Bernie.

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