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Wednesday NatSec Roundup

MiG-27 take off.jpg
Indian MiG-27. By johnxxx84 – CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

So much courage deserved a better fate.

  • If you’re into such things, interesting longread on the India-China military balance. “In 2000, India’s military outlays were 66 percent of China’s; by 2017, despite significant absolute growth in India’s defense budget, this figure had declined to 26 percent.”
  • The MV-22 Osprey: Now for all of your snowmobile delivery and pickup needs.
  • Ulysses S. Grant and the Ryuku Island Dispute. More on this a bit later, but the big world tour he and Julia conducted after the second term is one of the most interesting, least discussed parts of his career.
  • Say what you will about ISIS, but they totally went Mad Max on a bunch of improvised vehicles…
  • India’s last MiG-27 will fly into retirement at the end of this year. This will leave a very limited number of Floggers (including the MiG-23) in service worldwide, including more than a few in semi-service in places like Cuba, Syria, and Libya.
  • Not security, but I did enjoy this recap of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting career. Without ever being quite what one could call a “good” actor, Arnold certainly managed to leverage his extraordinary charisma and screen presence into some very memorable roles…
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