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Speaking of campus PC


I got your repression of free speech right here:

The Student Government Association at the University of Alabama is warning groups that protesting President Trump during the Tide’s Saturday game vs. LSU could result in loss of reserved seating for the remainder of the season.

A letter from Jason Rothfarb, vice president of Student Affairs, said additional security will be in Bryant Denny’s student section during the Saturday afternoon football game. President Trump is expected to be in the audience.

Disruptive protests against the president will have consequences, Rothfarb wrote.

“Any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior during the game will be removed from block seating instantly for the remainder of the season,” he wrote.

I would hate to imagine that students might engage in disruptive behavior at an SEC football game, at least beyond the normal drunken brawling and light sexual assault that characterizes life in the student section during the typical big matchup in the land of cotton.

ETA: Jason Rothfarb is also the vice president for recruitment for the University of Alabama chapter of AIPAC. I foresee big things in this young man’s future, assuming his fascist friends continue to think of him as one of the good ones.

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