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Monday NatSec Roundup

MK6 Titan II. Public Domain, Link

The first blessing is peace, as is agreed by all men who have even a small share of reason….The best general, therefore, is that one which is able to bring about peace from war.

  • Hey why not pardon some war crimes? The depressing bit about this is following discussions on Facebook and noting how strident and emphatic the pro-war crime position is among a lot of folks.
  • Robert Kelly on Trump and Moon. It’s not your imagination; the North Koreans really are pretty intransigent and difficult to deal with, as Trump and Moon have both (wisely or unwisely) taken pains to give Kim a lot of space.
  • Big story on the leak of some Chinese documents on Xinjiang. Here’s also a bit on how some US companies are benefiting from forced labor in Xinjiang.
  • Another big leak (this time to the Intercept) of Iranian documents on intervention in Iraq. I’m old enough to remember when it was heresy within the progressive blogosphere to whisper the idea that Iran might be supporting elements of the Iraqi insurgency, a heresy policed by… well, by some current employees of the Intercept.
  • Lawfare is providing useful summaries of impeachment related depositions.
  • The SALT I talks, fifty years on.

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