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When my thoughts become my biggest fear

Photo by . MCLT on Unsplash

President Petites Pattes made an unscheduled visit — don’t call it an emergency visit — to Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for what the White House is calling routine tests that are part of his annual physical.

To the horrible liberal socialists who are asking America-hating questions like What kind of routine tests couldn’t be performed at the White House’s medical facility? or Wasn’t his last physical less than nine months ago? the White House replied “Don’t ask questions, questions are dangerous, la la la oh say can you seeeeee!!”

Certainly nothing at all suspicious there, and it would be incredibly irresponsible to speculate about the following: How far would the GOP go to pretend everything was fine, just fine, if DT became too ill for public appearances?

To make it interesting, assume he’s still as alert as he ever gets and is expected to recover, which means the flunkies have to beware The Grudge.

I think they’d do everything short of body doubles because there’s no way to find a body double that is both realistic and who fits his idea of what he looks like. So they’ll keep him out of sight, let Miller or whoever run his Twitter account and say he’s taking time off to pray for America or something to keep the base happy.

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