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Bloomberg’s Only Constituency Applauds Bloomberg Candidacy


The bedbug speaketh:

Because the voters who will matter in the election — that is, those who live neither in deep blue nor deep red states — want a centrist. Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida tell pollsters they want “a Democratic nominee who is more moderate than most Democrats,” and that they prefer “one who would bridge the partisan divide,” according to a report Friday from my colleagues Jonathan Martin and Katie Glueck.

People like Stephens tend to think “moderate” means “socially sorta liberal, fiscally conservative, like me.” The problem is that Bloombergism in fact has no mass constituency at the national level at all. (The idea that rust belt swing voters are looking for gun control and a soda tax is particularly amusing.) And as for the Democratic primary, please. Remember how everyone hated Howard Schultz? Now imagine Schultz only with a record of misogyny and race-baiting. He’ll be hard-pressed to beat Steyer in the “hopeless vanity campaign run by a egomaniacal billionaire” heat.

And yet, I applaud his candidacy. Because in the unlikely event that it has any impact at all, it will be to hurt Biden. So I say, the more pundits encourage his delusions, the better!

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