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Today is the Day Marianne Williamson Became President


Donald Trump has been bad for the country but great for lazy pundits, and perhaps because of this pundits of various stripes have been desperately hyping the candidacy of anti-vaxx grifter Marianne Williamson. The problem for this campaign is that pundits appear to be her only actual constituency:

Just Below Delaney, just ahead of Ryan. A TRUE JUGGERNAUT!

OK, so she’s nobody’s first choice, but maybe Dem voters like her? Hahahahaha no:

The only other candidate with net-negative approval ratings is deBlasio. Even Seth Moutlon, for Chrissakes, is above water. The Williamson hype is based on nothing at all.

Ordinarily, theater critic pundits showing that they’re not even good at theater criticism is annoying but mostly harmless, but that’s not true here. Hyping Williamson won’t make her the nominee, of course, but it may mean that, say, more people with depression google here and refuse to take appropriate medication. So maybe stop trying to prop up her stillborn candidacy?

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