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Victor David Hanson

If you delve at all into the psychosexual world of the American right wing (don’t try this at home kids) you will soon discover that a significant amount of both America’s history and its current condition can be understood as the product of an endless moral panic over the idea of white women having sex with black men.

This is why the concept of the “cuckservative” is now such a key part of white wing thought. “Cuck” is short for “cuckold,” which is a nifty Middle English word for a married man whose wife betrays him with another man or men. But in the paranoid world of the American right wing it has a much more specific meaning: that of a white woman having sex with a black man while her husband watches (Think Othello as produced by Bob Guccione on acid. Also don’t get out of the boat. Just don’t.)

The whole trope is a classic bit of masochistic self-flagellation indulged in by certain white men, who feel sexually threatened by the Black Beasts who are going to give their women previously unknown erotic satisfaction, while producing mongrel bastards that will permanently contaminate the gene pool.

Which brings us to “Cuck Elegy,” a bit of whimsical poesy published a couple of days ago in American Greatness, which considers itself, probably correctly, as the center of what passes for serious conservative intellectual support for Trumpism (No less a personage that Victor David Hanson uses it as the launch pad for his classically-inflected ejaculations).

Here’s a taste of the pseudonymous author’s prosodic stylings:

The global south deigns to redeem you
Be grateful, for they generate revenue
For the masters you’ve failed to serve
Those men, the worms, who pose to conserve
Those values you have clearly lost
This is the Capitalist Pentecost
Submit to the modernist’s spirit of avarice
Defer now to the mocha-skinned Lazarus
Know this, you are more rich than him
If not in cash, then in your white skin

When this garbage appeared originally, it was accompanied by a photograph of David French, a Never-Trumper whose apostasy is greatly magnified in the eyes of The Serious Intellectual Defenders of Donald Trump because he adopted an African child, and his wife Nancy French wrote a piece for the WAPO arguing that if Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of sexual assault he shouldn’t be on the SCOTUS.

This led to Julie Kelly of American Greatness arguing that just because Nancy French “screwed around with her preacher when she was a teen” (actually Nancy’s story is that she was molested by her pastor when she was 12) that youthful dalliance shouldn’t be a basis for opposing Kavanaugh (You can dive into this cesspool here if you’re so inclined).

Donald Trump is an entirely despicable person, so it’s no surprise that his supporters (reminder: this now means the entire Republican party, with no significant exceptions) have become so as well.

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