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It is a serious problem that the most watched program on the most influential news network in America is pretty much wall-to-wall racist incitement:

One problem, though, is that saying the quiet parts loud can be bad for business. So, just like the president he’s devoted his life to getting re-elected, he’s making vague feints towards economic populism to try to make the white nationalism go down easier:

Now, this is the most obvious con in the world — Trump already did it! — and you would have to be a Grade A moron/liar/stooge to think he would have anything good to say about Warren or her policies should she actually get the Democratic nomination. But there are any number of “left” pundits who are desperately seeking Republican Daddies to justify avoiding the ultimate horror of supporting the election of someone from the Democrat Party, so…

I’m not sure where any of these guys falls on the “Dumb Enough To Actually Believe This — Happy To Run Their Rube Followers Who Are Dumb Enough To Actually Believe This” continuum but at some point it doesn’t matter.

Oh, and of course Greenwald made yet another embarrassing appearance with Tucker last night. He’s obviously beyond shame, but a good dunking is a good dunking anyway:

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